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February 25, 2015  HSH Nordbank to realise further Nautilus deal

HSH Nordbank is making progress in winding down its legacy assets while contributing to a consolidation of the shipping market. In what is the fourth Nautilus deal, the Hamburg based shipping company Ahrenkiel Steamship (“Ahrenkiel”) acquired eight container ships from HSH Nordbank’s credit portfolio. The first four ships have already been handed over to Ahrenkiel. ... More

February 25, 2015  HSH Nordbank finances second wind farm in Finland

HSH Nordbank has provided project finance for the second wind farm in Finland. The Bank made long-term finance of some EUR 45.2 million available to the second part of the Ylivieska Pajukoski project, consisting of seven Vestas V126 turbines with a hub height of 137 meters and a nominal output of 3.3 MW each. ... More

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We are looking forward but without forgetting the lessons we have learnt from the past. We want to develop HSH Nordbank further so as to create added value over the long term: for our clients, our shareholders, for all our employees. This is what we're working on. This is what we're focused to successfully on! More


March 5, 2015  Wochenbarometer (Weekly, German)

Wochenbarometer (German) ... More

March 5, 2015  Daily Commentary

Daily Commentary: Headlines, Flows, Market Moving Data/Events, Changes, Chart-Technique, FX-Macroscope ... More

March 5, 2015  Devisentelegramm (Data Overview FX - Daily, German)

Devisentelegramm (Data Overview FX - Daily, German) ... More

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